Knitting and Reading August Edition

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Boy, it’s been over a month since I’ve checked in with you regarding knitting and reading and wouldn’t you know, the same project is on the needles! Scott’s sweater is a big project and you’ll be seeing it lots as I hopefully check in with you more often these days. Luckily it’s very enjoyable knitting to do and with a little drama and interest added with the cables, it feels like it’s going pretty fast.

I’ve been reading a lot this summer. Light reads like ‘The Power of Habit‘, ‘The Vacationers‘ and most recently ‘The Big Tiny‘ & ‘You Can Buy Happiness‘. The Big Tiny I found to be a really interesting read. It’s written by Dee Williams who is a pioneer of sorts in the tiny house movement. I really enjoyed her comedic and thoughful take on why her heart health issues changed her outlook on life and why she downsized so radically into living in a teeny tiny life. I highly recommend it. It gets you thinking. And purging. Two things I always welcome in my life.

You Can Buy Happiness is a good read, but since I’ve read a lot of things like this (simplify your life, downsize, get involved with the community, get out of debt etc) I just skimmed it.

In other exciting book news, my ebooklet Simple Handcrafted Body Care has been included in the upcoming Healthy Living Bundle. I bought this collection of ebooks last fall and I was thrilled that I was asked to participate in this years offering! The bundle isn’t for sale yet, but as a pre-sale offer the folks at Ultimate Bundles have put together a FREE mini-course called “The 4 Essential Habits of Healthy Families”.

The course contains a collection of quick and easy-to-follow lessons from trusted bloggers:

  • Essential Habit #1: “Nurturing your Best Self” (with Heather from Mommypotamus)
  • Essential Habit #2: “Staying Fit as a Family (Gym Membership Not Required)” (with Crystal from Money Saving Mom)
  • Essential Habit #3: “From Scratch Meal-Making” (with Katie from Kitchen Stewardship)
  • Essential Habit #4: “Using Natural Remedies” (with Katie from Wellness Mama)

Each lesson comes with a 25-minute audio lesson, PDF transcript, and a practical “Take Action” guide.

If you want to get your family on the road to real health, it’s simple to get started: sign up for your FREE mini-course now!

Hurry because this mini course is only available until Sunday, September 6th. Don’t miss your chance to access this exclusive content! Grab it now.

I’m certainly signing up because I really could use a kick in the rear this fall. This summer was sort of a hum-drum one, seriously lacking in drive and goals and positive motivation. I could really use some advise to make fall a better season.

How has this summer been going for you?


  1. Lisa says

    Agree with Jean. Life is tough enough, you have to enjoy it. Your garden rewards make me pretty jealous. I am on a much smaller scale but still enjoy it. Always love your posts. Thanks for sharing Kendra.

  2. Jody says

    The sweater is looking lovely. My mom, who could do all manner of needlecraft, knitted several sweaters and vests for my dad and he loved them, so I’m sure your husband will thoroughly enjoy his hand crafted jewel.

    I have to comment on your produce containers. I have that exact same salad spinner and have, on many occasions, had to use its pieces in addition to my “regular” containers (old colanders and an old salad spinner) due to my insane Roma tomato harvest (over 75 lbs). My growing season is winding down, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful produce in your blog.

  3. says

    An older book that I really enjoyed along these same lines is Sarah Susanka’s The Not So Big House (, and subsequent Not So Big Life. Great help for downsizing and simplifying life!

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