If you come to Sonoma…

Purple Haze Carrots
….be sure to wear Purple Haze carrots in your hair..
Purple Haze Carrots
You got the song reference, right? Yes, my sense of humor does border on cheesy, or rather is firmly planted in cheese.

Anyway, we’ve taken the Growing Challenge from seed to harvest! They taste good too (the carrots that is). Sweet, but not too sweet.

In Our Fridge
Since we’re in the kitchen, I opened the fridge door a few minutes ago and saw that Scott had harvested our first zucchinis and blossoms. Also our first pesto of the year augmented with spinach which we enjoyed on our leftover gnocchi. A tupperware full of last years defrosted nectarines. And three dozen eggs. Anyone have any good egg recipes?


  1. says

    Hmm, yesterday I made easy lemon curd.

    2 lemons zest and juice
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 teaspoons butter

    (basically whisk constantly while bringing to the boil, (you don’t want eggy bits cooking on their own) and then lightly boil for 5 mins. I got this off a blog (can’t remember who sorry) The smaller butter method will keep in the fridge for a few weeks and and they said if you want to keep it longer replace the 2 teaspoons butter with 2 table spoons of butter and it will keep up to 12 months unopened and then the same.

    Can’t confirm the storing ability, but can confirm the yumminess. Great use for eggs and lemons. A friend and I had some on banana bread yesterday and it was delicious.

    I think I’ll have to post the recipe on my blog now.


  2. asonomagarden says

    Oh, that sounds delicious! I’ll have to try it. We ended up making ice cream this weekend which used 24 egg yolks. Now I have to make 2 Angel Food cakes to use up the whites. A little lemon curd to go on the cakes sounds perfect!


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