cooling down the house...
You know when the first morning glint of sun shines down this hard that it’s going to be a hot day. Actually a hot, hot week. Over 100 degrees. We’re going to do our best to keep cool, keep the garden watered, and maybe we’ll do a little reading up so we can wrote a bit about organic pest control, pollinating watermelons and maybe we’ll even talk a little mulch when the weather cools down.
Stay cool friends.


  1. says

    Your kitchen is very cute!! But you need to unplug those things you aren’t using. 😉 hehe I have a giveaway on my blog right now that is eco-friendly.

  2. asonomagarden says

    Hi Lisa, I know, I know. Actually I do unplug those appliances after breakfast as often as I remember, but this photo was taken first thing in the morning. And we’re pretty dependant on toast and coffee during those early morning hours. I’m going to go check out your giveaway right now.


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