Best Gardening Year Ever | A Year Long Series

Gardening Bullet Journal - Join us for a year long series on how to have the best gardening year yet. Start by setting up a brand new garden bullet journal.Happy New Year! For the past handful of years I’ve started the year writing out a long list of goals. Not really resolutions, but firm goals that I can physically cross off as the year passes. For months leading up to now, I’ve had the thought in my head that this year will be a great gardening year. I’m so tired of being disappointed in our garden the last few years. When folks ask, ‘how is the garden going this year?’ I’ve always answered a bit negatively. Not this year. This year’s going to be a good one.

A few of you have written in your comments that you were frustrated with this past year’s garden too. Let’s all leave those negative thoughts behind us in 2014 and let’s all make this a good gardening year. Maybe even the best gardening year ever? Is that too bold of a statement? Nope, let’s embrace it! The best gardening year ever!

To help keep us all motivated I’m going to make this a year long series. Keep your eyes out for the first Thursday of every month, when I’ll check in with you on our gardening to-do list. No matter if you only have one patio pot to grow in or an entire field to tend to, if we all stay motivated together, we can make this a great growing year.
moleskine garden bullet journal

Starting the Year with a New Garden Bullet Journal

To start the year off, I want to encourage you to buy a brand new gardening journal. Let’s leave the past in the past and begin fresh. This year I bought a brightly colored Moleskine lined journal. I like keeping my daily/weekly calendars minimalistic and these moleskin’s are perfect for that. They aren’t bulky or overly complicated, but they are well built which is perfect for when you are carrying though the garden with dirty hands.

We will be keeping our journal in the style of a bullet journal, which you learn more about in the video below. I’ve kept a bullet inspired daily calendar for a year and a half now and it really works well for me. I’ve started my Garden Bullet Journal with January, listing all the days and dates on the left hand page. I think this would be a good spot to keep notes on weather. On the right hand page I’ve started a list on what jobs we need to get done during the month. January is the time for pruning here, so you can see that roses, fruit trees and various other shrubs are listed.
moleskine garden bullet journal
Following these pages, we’ll put an entry in for each day we do garden work and what we did. Along with various growing notes. We don’t garden every day so we won’t have a daily entry, but on the days we do we’ll make a note of what we did and how things are growing.
moleskine garden bullet journal moleskine garden bullet journal
We now have raised beds, which I have drawn a template for that we can trace onto the pages each month to visually record what is in each bed and how they are doing. The Moleskines have a back pocket where I can keep that template.

Things You’ll Want to Make Note Of:

In January, I suggest you start making these lists in your journal:

  • Things to Do In The Garden in January
  • Vegetables Your Family Likes to Eat
  • Vegetables, Flowers & Herbs that You’ve Grown Well in the Past
  • Pests, Diseases & Troubles You’ve Had in the Past
  • Gardening Hopes and Aspirations

What else would you make note of in your gardening journal in January?

Happy New Year & Happy Gardening!

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  1. lisa says

    Happy New Year Kendra! Thank you for a great and motivating post to start off the year (along with my little hangover

  2. lisa says

    Happy New Year Kendra! Thank you for a great and motivating post to start off the year (along with my little hangover

  3. Carol says

    What a great New Years post – thank you! I’m excited to start the journal and especially like the idea of keeping track of what is planted in the raised beds. The only other thing I can think to add is notes on the amount of sunlight each spot receives, since it changes throughout the year. Looking forward to the best garden year yet!

  4. says

    Happy New Year Kendra! I will be planting my first garden this spring (I’m in Sonoma too) and I will be following your blog for advice. I love the idea of keeping a gardening journal, what a great way to keep track of successes (and missteps). Woke up to frost this morning, and I am grateful that we took our Christmas tree lights and wrapped them around our citrus trees yesterday. Brrrrr!

  5. Jody says

    Here’s a bit of advice for having the best GARDEN ever: exaggerate the wins; forget the losses. LOL

    I’ve learned through the years that I cannot control everything (does nature ever cooperate?), so I’ve learned to relax a lot and be happy with whatever my garden brings my way.

    As a Master Gardener, I must also let you know to rely heavily on your ANR (Agriculture and Natural Resource) Agent and Master Gardener’s, they are here to help everyone. If you are concerned, Cooperative Extension has tested and can recommend organic alternatives to conventional gardening methods.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all remain healthy, happy and prosperous!

  6. Joann says

    The template is inspiring! I’ve been racking my brain how to get vertical columns in my bullet journal without using dot or graph paper. I too am trying to make my baggage literally and physically lighter. Thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    How funny that I came across this post via pinterest! I was searching garden bullet journal. I just started keeping one, and was trying to find a way to intergrate the BJ and the garden journal. Now that I re-read this, I remember reading it when you published it, and remember thinking “wow, she’s so good- she records the weather!” I’m lucky if I remember to note when I plant seeds!

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