Cut, built, caught


The boys went on an adventure with new friends this past weekend which left the little girl and I alone to pick flowers…

…and watch a pair of mocking birds build a nest below our kitchen window. I’ve never watched a bird make a nest so closely before. They spent all day Saturday and Sunday bringing sticks and Monday and Tuesday bringing fluffy things. Wednesday it was finished and the pair were nowhere to be found. Maybe on a honeymoon. Can’t wait to spy on their eggs and babies in the coming months!

The boys returned with four fresh caught crabs! Two red crabs and two dungeness! A surprising success!


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    Lilacs are my favorite flower, or tulips. I love them both, but I love the smell of lilacs. I’d love to watch a bird build her nest, but I think I’d start thinking I was lazy. I need to get over this. :)

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