1. Jennifer Middleton says

    Oh Wow! That looks good enough to eat! I love it when your brewing up body care stuff. I’m standing by impatiently 😀

  2. says

    My goodness that looks absolutely luxurious! Can’t wait for Monday. Just a thought… I totally wouldn’t mind paying for your booklet, even if you set up a pay pal account for donations. I also wouldn’t mind paying for a BOOK!!

  3. Lauren Abdulrahman says

    What a tease! I will be anxiously awaiting Monday too. Thanks for all your hard work and beautiful photographs!

  4. Carol says

    How exciting!!! Your chapstick and deodorant are already our family’s favorites – can’t wait to see what you’ve created! Thank you!

  5. Dmarie says

    This looks rich and yummy. Hope it is something that works on heels!?!?!? I used to live in Sonoma County then moved to Reno. My heels look like San Andreas fault lines and I just can’t keep them from being cracked all the time. Any suggestions?

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