rain + sun


We’ve had quite the rain around here since I last wrote. This year I’ve had a hard time getting into decorating for Christmas. I guess because doing that means you are moving full speed into winter and I’m not ready to give up autumn yet. Seems like fall just began around here.

This last storm seems to have blown all the colorful leaves off the trees and with that we did start decorating a bit.

During our indoor time the boys exhausted all the yarn they could use, so in desperation I showed our 8 year old how to cut up one of dad’s old t-shirts into a continuous ‘string’. They were all fascinated. So was I honestly, I’d never done that before!

The bees seem to still be finding pollen out there somewhere! Resourceful gals, I tell you!

The rain and sun brought up hundreds of these mushrooms in our mulch. Any idea what they are? They look like they belong under the sea.

The sun shines bright & beautiful now! Have a great weekend!


  1. Xochi says

    Glad to know I’m not the only one resisting decorating for Christmas. I almost feel like I don’t have the energy. I do think this will be the weekend we get a tree though, and I’m sure all of the other decorations will come out in the process. :)

  2. Jennifer Middleton says

    I love winter and all of it’s bleak beauty. Your images are always so lovely. And my husband and I are also wondering where in the world our bees are finding pollen. My bee guru says that what they forage today is what they will eat tonight for dinner! Isn’t that sweet!

  3. says

    Beautiful photographs. We were so lucky to be there at Thanksgiving where the weather was perfect. Just missed the downpour. Although, almost worth it to get such stunning images!

  4. Sarah in the woods says

    It’s still very fallish around here too. Your pictures are beautiful. The shirt knitting looks very creative and I’d love to try it some time.

  5. says

    That sure was quite a storm wasn’t it! We are still drying out from it, but now at least we have a nice stretch of sunny days. I was enjoying fall so much this year as well, and felt it vanished in an instant.
    We want to take a trip to Sonoma next weekend to see it all decorated up for Christmas. I love it out in your neck of the woods!

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