welcome holidays

Snowflake rainbows
snowflake rainbows

Though we held off for a bit, we now have all the holiday decorations out. This weekend was filled with an invitation to an ornament decorating party, a holiday ballet performance, hot chocolate and ornament making and hanging. I hung my little collection of Swarovski snowflakes across my south facing kitchen window this year. My uncle gave these to us each year for Christmas. He passed away quite young and unexpectedly this past spring. It is a beautiful thing to walk in and see hundreds of tiny rainbows all over our kitchen each morning.

I did a little holiday making today too (from the book of course!). As we’ve increased our children count over the years and they in turn have grown older and busier, my handmade Christmas gifts have decreased. As much as I love the idea of making my loved ones all handmade gifts, time is so limited, I try and keep it as simple as possible. There will be many years ahead of me for hand making. These years are about simplifying and enjoying amidst the December madness. Yesterday as we finished decorating the tree, I sat on the couch reading my new issue of Taproot and sipping my hot chocolate while the three kids danced like crazy to Dr. Demento’s Christmas album. It was loud and chaotic, yet cozy and Christmasy at the very same time. Welcome Holidays!


  1. Sarah in the woods says

    Sounds like a lovely start for the Christmas season! I feel the same way about hand made gifts, and I appreciate your honesty. Hand made is often potrayed as simple online, but in reality it’s so much more work and time. Though I love making and giving hand made gifts, we too are going simple this year to have more time for each other.

  2. Jo says

    My sincere sympathy regarding your uncle; he obviously was a very thoughtful person; the crystal snowflakes are beautiful!

    Before you know it the precious time you have to spend with your little ones will be gone…enjoy every second you can with them; you will never regret it.

  3. Angelique T. Fehr says

    Thank you so much for your blog. I enjoy every issue I receive. Your uncle must have been a sensitive and wonderful person. So sorry you lost him so early.l

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