Four Years of Mays


The flowers are really coming alive outside! This month’s round up made me teary eyed reading all the old posts…announcing a pregnancy, moving, saying goodbye, an oh, that cherry tart! A lot has happened in four years. Without further ado, Four Years of Mays:






  1. says

    For a minute there, I thought, “They moved more recently than that!!” Isn’t it amazing how fast time goes. I think having little ones seems to make it more momentous — things change so fast.

  2. birchbarksoap says

    Hi Kendra! Just wondering how your kombucha is coming along? I remember you mentioning that you had one and thought of you. :) Sherrie

    • asonomagarden says

      Hi Sherrie, my kombucha is going nowhere! I ordered a culture or whatever you call it and you put it in a jar of tea for 8 weeks and it’s supposed to form a new one. It’s been in there for a good 12+ weeks and it hasn’t multiplied….not sure what to do about that!

    • asonomagarden says

      Hi happygirl, I’m so happy you’ve stuck around for 2 years. I love reading your comments!

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