Just picked radishes
Here are our french breakfast radishes, bug bites and all. Our friend, Doug, told us this weekend that his favorite organic bug control is to mix soy sauce and canola oil and put out a dish of it in the garden. The bugs are attracted to the soy sauce, but once they get the oil on their legs they can’t move. He said he can’t find anything else to compete with it. This might be just the fix for our radish bed.


  1. says

    I took an embarrassing number of pictures of identical radishes last weekend and not one as good this! But then I think the appreication that you grew them comes through and mine were from the farmers’ market. Thoroughly appreciated also, but differently. The bug trick sounds ingenious. Thank you.

  2. asonomagarden says

    Hi Katrina. Isn’t that the worst, when you spend a bucket of time trying to get a picture just right and it never works out?

  3. DellaCasa says

    Do you know what the insect is that eats chunks out of the top of the radishes above the soil line? Mine are all nibbled around the base of the radish where the leaves attach.


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