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This week I started Heather’s Whole Foods Kitchen Workshop. I’ve been following her blog for years, but this is the first time I’ve splurged on her workshop. So far I think it’s worth it.

We eat well around these parts, however maybe because it is the middle of winter, I’ve been feeling the need for a kick in the rear. Inspiration for eating healthier. We seem to get in a bit of a rut when fresh veggies aren’t as plentiful. We eat plenty of local, grass fed beef, and we’ve been indulging on our freezer stash of local pork and Scott-caught salmon, but also lots of wheat. Lots and lots of bread and bagels and cookies and crackers. Too much.

To kick off the workshop, the littlest one and I made chai concentrate (though to be honest, I’ll go back to my standard chai recipe next time – too much cardamon made it bitter to my tongue, I think). The next day the oldest one and I made almond milk.

I’ve been enjoying almond milk chai lattes in the afternoon, when I normally hit my afternoon lull. I’ve been drinking them iced or room temperature since I used raw almonds and raw honey and want to consume them in their raw state.

Delicious! Are you taking Heather’s workshop too? How has your eating looked this winter?


  1. says

    I’ve used this chai recipe from you and it is DELICIOUS. We eat a lot of soup in the winter. I get lots of greens, so Italian Wedding, Chicken, Vegetable, etc., soups with greens in them. :)

  2. Jennifer says

    Good Morning Kendra! I hear ya on the late winter food choices. I’ve been making my smoothies in the morning and using plenty of greens. Missing fresh veges like crazy. Also, make soups and casseroles with plenty of greens too. But it doesn’t make up for the fresh stuff right out of the garden or the farmer’s market.

  3. Pauline from France says

    Hi Kendra!
    I’m also taking part of the Whole Food Kitchen and I just love it! Like you I needed a little bit of motivation again to find inspiration in the kitchen, and the Heather’s recipes are great! I already tried the Curried Quinoa Cakes with Red Pepper Sauce, the Mediterranean Stew and tonight we ate the individual Nachos… I have to say that the three recipes were just…delicious!
    What about you? Which recipes did you try?
    I discovered your blog through the workshop and I have to say I love it!I just put it in my favorites!

    Greetings from France (and sorry for my english!!)

    See you and have fun with the workshop!

  4. Laura says

    I’m taking the class, too. This is the first time I have, although I have been reading her blog for years. I thought we ate pretty well, and I guess compared to the SAD diet we do, but I knew we could do a lot better, especially since we still have some unresolved health issues are are thinking of starting a family soon. Oh, and slightly off-topic- I have to thank you for mentioning the Rosemary’s Remedies class. I never would have known about it if it weren’t for you, and I LOVED it (still do, in fact), so thanks!

  5. says

    I was just commenting to M’honey today that I am in severe need of fresh whole veggies. All we have left in the house are winter squashes, onions, Irish & sweet potatoes, a little celery, carrots, a cucumber and a few baby heads of lettuce.. I’ve had an Omega juicer on the mind too.. the body must be screaming for fresh life and Spring already. 😀

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