Things around here


Things are starting to shape up around here. If you can change your mindset to overlook the vast amount of weeding and yard work we still have yet to do, and focus on things that fit into a small camera view, things look quite beautiful.

(do you know what kind of flowering tree this is?)

(mushroom hunting has gotten a little too close to home! ‘Fix patch of dry rot’ has all of a sudden moved up on the priority list!)

Have a good weekend! I’ll be back next week, we have a lot to catch up on!


  1. pearlsong1728 says

    Hi — I’ve been enjoying your lovely photos and posts way over here in Tennessee. The flowering tree you asked about is a redbud tree. They grow wild here in Tennessee, and in spring the wooded roadsides are studded with fuschia blossoms electric against the dark gray bark. I once had lunch in an herbal workshop where the salad of lettuce, dandelion and violet leaves was sprinkled with redbud blossoms. So they’re apparently edible as well as beautiful.

  2. pearlsong1728 says

    Yes, it’s a redbud tree. They grow wild here in Tennessee, where I have been enjoying your posts and lovely garden from afar. In spring the wooded roadsides here are studded with fuschia blossoms that glow electric against the dark gray bark. I once attended an herbal workshop in which the lunch salad of lettuce, dandelion and violet leaves was sprinkled with redbud blossoms — so they’re apparently edible as well as beautiful.

    • Denise says

      I’m new to your site and loving what I see. I really want to reclaim my laundry water and use it in my garden and saw your recipe for laundry detergent. Just wondering if there is anything to replace the Borax since it’s not garden friendly?

      Thanks so much!

  3. mlheran says

    I LOVE that sign -definitely need one at our place!
    And yep, it’s a redbud tree. It was actually a “free” tree from PG&E when they had a short-lived program to encourage passive heating and cooling, but it was deemed too pretty to “hide” on the south side.
    Lovely pics, as always!

  4. kk2scoot says

    I love your sign at the door! Looks like you need to get out more so those folks have a chance to pull your weeds! Happy Spring time!

  5. hiddenloft says

    Yep, a redbud. The Western Redbud is a native tree in California. There is also an Eastern Redbud. Have a great weekend. My garden and I are enjoying the rain here in So. California.

  6. angeljeanne says

    YEP it is Redbud, and it is noted to be a western redbud, lovely we have yet to get our wild ones yet, but we will. your yard looks great ,,love it,,HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox

  7. Willow says

    I see that you have a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button, but is there any way to pin your photos? When I try it only shows the photos from your sidebars

  8. Rhonda G says

    most certainly a redbud I’ve seen thousands in my Childhood home in Indiana! I adore your website by the way. You have inspired me to take ant’s eye view pictures of my Texas Home!

  9. says

    Those lovely redbuds grow wild here in Kansas too.
    The mushroom growing on the siding made me laugh and feel right at home. There are never any shortage of projects, are there?!

  10. Michaela Kalemba says

    Ugh, dryrot! With that T-1-11 siding, good luck patching. It’s about $45 for a sheet of 4×8 and then you have to flash and get the waterproof membrane… We have replaced a lot. If you need help, I’m local. Message me and we can hook up. (I’m a super DIY mom!) If the house has a lot of rot, try for Hardie siding. Cheaper overall, and lasts FOREVER. Kinda a pain to install but worth it!
    You can also FB message me.

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